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 Check below for the 4 Core Spinal Hygiene Exercise Instructional Videos:
Spinal R.O.M.
Most Americans live a very sedentary lifestyle, and rarely ever take their spine through a full range of motion. (If less motion equals more degeneration, it's no wonder our society is suffering.)
Spinal Molding
To understand Spinal Molding you must first understand a couple very interesting things about the discs of the spine. The gel-like material inside the disc goes from firm to fluid when you exercise your spine.
Resistance band
Three inches of forward head poster can cause the head to feel like it weighs up to 42 pounds!  By strengthening postural muscles we can help take some unnecessary pressure off the spine.
Wobble Disc
It goes without saying, we need to keep back muscles active and strong. It takes 90 days to develop permanent muscle change. So it's very important that you are consistent with your daily spinal care procedures.

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 Here's Just a Little Sneak Peak of What You'll Learn In The Book:
Chasing Back Pain
Are you tired of chasing back pain? Most people are stuck in a recurring loop of back pain and medication. In this video you'll learn what real health is when it comes to the spine.
Acute Spinal Care
What can you do when you have acute pain or injury? Obviously, you should contact your chiropractor, but the above video will show you some approaches to making your pain more bearable.
Range of Motion
Your spine should move through a full range of motion in every direction.  If you lose range of motion in an area, studies show you are more likely to develop spinal degeneration in that area.
 And Here are Some More Exercises We'll Cover In The Book:
Spinal Molding
As you know the spine should be in a certain alignment. It should be straight up and down from the front, and have natural curves from the side. Most people don't understand how important those curves are from the side. The Spinal Molding Exercise is a quick Spinal Hygiene Exercise that when done on a daily basis can help you maintain the alignment of your spine, between Chiropractic adjustments.
Head Forward Posture
Head Forward Posture might just be the most devastating, degenerative posture in our society today. Many aches, pains, and health issues have been associated with this condition. And the worse your Forward Head Posture is, the more problems it might cause... “For every inch of Forward Head Posture, it can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds.” -Kapandji, Physiology of Joints, Vol. 3.
Wobble Disc Exercise
It is well known that core and postural muscles provide spinal stability. So it goes without saying, we need to keep these muscles active and strong. The Wobble Disc Exercise will help you to builds and maintain these muscles between Chiropractic visits.  It  takes 90 days to develop permanent muscle change. This means it is very important that you are consistent with your daily spinal care procedures.
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Here's Some More of What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • The Problem - Did you know the natural state of the spine is healthy with no pain, stiffness or irritation?  If it's been a while since you've had a healthy spine, this book is for you!.
  • Alignment -  Did you know the spine should be in a specific alignment?  It should be straight from front to back, and have natural curves from the side.  In this book you'll discover a special exercise you can do on a daily basis to help keep your spine in a good alignment..
  • Range of Motion - Did you know your spine should move through a full range of motion in each direction symmetrically?  Your spine has 3 planes of motion, forward and back, side to side, and rotation.  This book will show you a specific exercise to help maintain proper range of motion..
  • Strong fit muscles - Did you know the muscles around your spine should be strong and fit?  Core and postural muscles are an important part of your spinal health.  When muscles get weak and unbalanced you will experience spinal issues.  This book will show you how to build strong health muscles.
  • Myth #1 - "I'm not in pain. Why should I do anything at all?"  If you're not in pain right now, you're the perfect person to read this book.  It will show you how to prevent pain, and keep your spine healthy for a lifetime!
  • Myth #2 - "Pain and arthritis are caused from old age."  In this book you'll learn the exact causes of spinal arthritis, and you might be surprised to find out, "old age" is not one of them..
  • Myth #3 - "It's all about genetics."  Unfortunately our society thinks health is all about luck.  We think if our grandfather had something then our father will have it, and if our father had it, then we'll have it.  It's just simply not true!
  • Myth #4 - "It's too late for me!"  Allow me to let you in on a little secret, if you're reading this right now it's not too late for you!  As Winston Churchill once said, "Never, never, never give up!"  This book will show you how to transform the health of your spine, even if you've been told by countless people that it's just too late for you.  It's not!
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